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The Mad Scientist
Designer/Product Development

The Man, the Myth, the Legend.  Kayd is the lead designer and master of printers.  He lays awake at night dreaming up these wonderful pieces and color combinations. You know what they say about genius and madness we are still waiting to see which side he tips to in the years to come.

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The Glue

This wonderful lady has the pleasure of trying to keep the books balanced.  In a new company with a bunch of crazies at the wheel, it is no wonder she refers to it as trying to herd cats.  Candy is truly the glue that keeps us running. Coffee keeps her busy until its acceptable to drink wine.

Tori and Chris

The Persuaders 
Sales Team/Wholesale

Here at Kayd Mayd our crack sales team will help you fulfill your orders whether it is just a restock or an initial purchase they will be happy to help.  Don’t let these guys twist your arm too hard.

Team Logoblack

Dave JR

The Magician

Dave Jr, with age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes…. I don’t know Dave forgot.  Not the oldest but maybe the wisest among us he has a flare for computers and is just good all-around tech guy. When we have tech problems Dave just waves his wand and poof they are gone.  Sometimes the stuff still works and sometimes we have to buy new but either way the problem is solved.

Team Logogray
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The Tester
Shop Dog

Reina is our shop dog and she is a beautiful German Shepard.  Reina is a little high strung and seems to greet everybody with a bark.  Some more than others.  She loves to play fetch and feels it is her job to chew test any water pipe that falls off the shelf.  So, we created one just for her check out our Reina line of dog toys on the home page.  Dog tested and owner approved.  If you ask Reina, she would tell you that she is the hardest worker here.  Patrolling, product testing (Chew and Fetch testing only), greeter, unpacking product even if it has just been packed, and let’s not forget napping, this is by far the most important part of her job. 

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The Jack of All Trades and Master of None
Marketing/Distribution & Internet Sales


The Minions

Kayd, Candy, Tori, Trevor, Dave Jr, Chris, and let’s not forget Reina. We are all Minions at Kayd Mayd. Kayd Mayd employees and owners all participate in every task at the factory.  From product development to cleaning the bathrooms we are all working together to bring you a high-quality low-cost product.  We are a family here, we care about our customers, products, and each other.  Come join our family Buy a Kayd Mayd today.

Team Logogray